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Описание книги

The first book "The Adventures of Little Zaryanichka!" the cycle "Zaryanichka" of mythological planetary fiction in English and transliteration (Latin), is not only an original work in prose and poetry that has no analogues in literature, but is also an original language in the understanding of all foreign readers who want to master all shades of the Russian language, and so , who is studying English, will help to easily master the English alphabet (Latin), diphthongs, triphthongs.

The main character is Zaryanichka. A warm, radiant pebble in Zaryanichka's cam not only does not fade, but is also capable of working miracles – a symbol of life that does not turn into an extinguished black smoldering corner thanks to devotion, loyalty, boundless love for everything good and noble.

The path to the triumph of good over evil in the Magic Land is not easy and goes through difficult trials, selfless struggle and sorrowful loss.

Stage writing is 100% acceptable for children's films and cartoons.

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The adventures of little Zaryanichka!